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Your Venue

Full House Group’s entertainment solutions are designed to drive a number of key areas in your business.

Increase Visitation

Our entertainment options are designed to bring more patrons into your venue, more often.

Boost Food and Beverage

While enjoying a Full House Group event your patrons will make the most of your food and beverage offerings.

Reward Your Members

Give your patrons more reasons to visit and more opportunities to win cash and prizes when they do.

Leverage Our Network

Take advantage of our huge network of players. We will work with you to drive more players to your event.


Our marketing capabilities mean you can reach out to your patrons to promote all aspects of your venue.


Take the hassle out of your footy tipping in 2018 with Sportspick

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Why Us

  • Our History
  • Our Process
  • Our Team
  • 1999

    Sportspick was launched as the nation’s first web based tipping comp via The Age

  • 2000

    With the backing of CUB Sportspick entered Victorian pubs and clubs and was hosted on a small EFTPOS style terminal

  • 2001

    Sportspick expanded into the South Australian (AFL) and New South Wales (NRL) markets

  • 2005

    Sportspick worked with TabCorp to develop the R&R loyalty program, with Sportpsick being a major component of the programs content

  • 2006

    Launch the National Poker League brand in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania

  • 2007

    Business incorporating Sportspick and National Poker League becomes known as Full House Group

  • 2008

    Sportspick now hosted nationwide, after move into Western Australia and Northern Territory

  • 2009

    National Poker League rebrands to the 888 Poker League, Sportspick introduces Punters Challenge

  • 2011

    Full House Group takes over Australian Poker League, Australia’s biggest venue poker supplier

  • 2012

    Introduction of InnQUIZitive Trivia into over 100 venues on the East Coast. Launch first national poker final, The Main Event

  • 2013

    APL and 888PL send over 50 representatives to compete at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

  • 2014

    Launch of QuizzaMe, the only fully hosted game show style trivia event for Australian venues

  • 2015

    Full House group becomes a major venue consultant during the launch of pre-commitment in Victorian gaming venues

  • 2016

    Launch of CoachKings, the world’s first Daily Fantasy Sports solution for pubs and clubs

  • Your needs

    Our Business Development Managers will liaise with you to discuss what areas of your venue we can assist in developing

  • Planning

    We will work with you to tailor an entertainment package designed to boost visitation and spend

  • Marketing

    We will promote your event to our network and your patrons through a range of marketing channels

  • Monitoring

    Our Business Development Managers will analyse and endeavour to maintain the growth of your events

Garry Nicholson – Chairman

A founding member and former CEO of the Full House Group Garry has overseen the expansion of the business into the poker and trivia markets. Garry is now responsible for sourcing new venue solutions, making sure our business partners have access to the most current entertainment options.

Brayden Haynes – CEO

Brayden joined the Full House Group in 2006 after a number of years in the Sports Marketing industry and was the driving force behind Full House Group’s move into the poker market. After taking over the role of CEO in 2013 Brayden has overseen Full House Group’s expansion into every Australian state and territory.

Peter Shaw - Executive Director

Peter was a founding member of the business, which started in 1999 as Sportspick. In the years since Peter has worked to oversee the implementation of a number of new initiatives at Full House Group. He now manages the Sales Team in their endeavours to provide the best entertainment packages to venues Australia wide.

Our Team

Full House Group is made up of an enthusiastic team with hundreds of years combined experience in the hospitality event and marketing industry.

Our team includes over 30 full times employees across our Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland offices. We also boast an expansive network of Licensees, Business Development Managers and Tournament Directors and Hosts across the country.

Our team is by far the most experienced provider of venue entertainment and loyalty solutions in Australia and every member is keen to work with you in providing exciting events and promotions in your venue.


We are proud to work with some of Australia’s biggest and most iconic venues groups. Our partners have been great supporters of our entertainment solutions and with them we have driven visitation and built relationships with patrons across Australia.

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The Full House Project

The benefits of a competitive industry

August 10, 2018
Last week I was out doing the rounds, visiting my venue partners to catch up on the successes and challenges they face in driving visitation and spend at their venue. During one meeting I received an interesting insight from one venue manager. Discussing a competitor just down the road from his venue he said, “their meals are fantastic; we’ve got work to do to get to that level.” I was struck by his positive attitude when dealing with a difficult reality. Quite simply his competitor was besting his venue. But he saw it an opportunity to improve. When was the last time you walked into a competitor’s venue?  THE X FACTOR OF HIGH PERFORMANCE If you’re taking your role seriously and always willing to improve, no doubt it was recently. The hospitality industry is enormously and increasingly competitive. Most pubs and clubs are generally surrounded by a multitude of other businesses targeting a similar customer base. In many cases venues are competing with bars, restaurants and even local cafes. I’ve even heard some managers talking about the effect of Materchef and other cooking shows have had on patron’s expectations of dining offerings. Competition is fierce but the best venues are seeing it as an opportunity rather than a threat. Knowing what the competition is providing allows you to ensure your offer is better or different in some way. It also allows you to keep up to date with industry trends and other venue offerings. You may find it worthwhile to create a written competitive assessment on your local venues. Put some time into analysing: Food and beverage offering Target customers Entertainment and promotional offerings Membership program Marketing strategies Strengths and weaknesses THE VALUE OF A LIVELY VENUE Analyse the above indicators at your own venue then compare them to those at your competitors to see where there may be gaps at your pub or club. As always, it’s important not to lose sight of your own business and the goals you are trying to achieve by constantly being reactive to competitors. However, keeping an eye on what their strengths and weaknesses are and conducting an assessment every now and then is a great habit to get into. Just remember, it’s worth keeping a positive spin on whatever tactics your competitors are taking. Like the successful venue manager I visited last week, it’s always advisable to the competitive nature of the Australian hospitality industry as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Growing your business with superstar staff!

July 27, 2018
Things have been crazy here at Full House Group over the last few weeks. A whole bunch of opportunities that the team have been working on are coming to fruition and it’s all hands on deck. It’s one of those things. You work and hope and keep pushing and then, as they say, “when it rains, it pours.” Now we’re walking the tightrope, deciding who does what over the coming weeks and months. We’re creating roles on the fly and team members are suddenly performing a whole range of different tasks. In fact, a few days ago these tasks didn’t even exist. And here’s the thing, everyone is thriving. GETTING MORE FROM YOUR ENTERTAINMENT SPEND The team is engaged and excited. They are working together like never before and rising to the challenge. The experiences we have had over the last couple of weeks have been a real eye opener and what I have learned can be translated perfectly into hospitality businesses like your own. While the business professors would refer to it as “delegation” I think a better way to describe it is “staff ownership.” Giving your staff ownership of a task or project means two things: Firstly, it frees up your time to get stuck into the thousands of other small and major tasks required for running your business. Second, and most importantly, it does wonders for your staff members motivation, confidence and engagement. By giving ownership to your staff you are essentially saying, “I believe in you.” You are giving them the opportunity to take on the task, to think outside the square and to add their own bit of personality to the role. THE BEST PROMOTERS YOU HAVE A few things you could consider letting your staff members take ownership of include: Events Get a staff member to manage and run one of your upcoming events, for example a tribute show. Encourage the staff member to select the band and organise marketing and ticketing. Watch as the staff member beams with pride when the event goes off without a hitch. Marketing Engage a staff member or even a group of your staff to organise a marketing promotion. Give them a budget if required and they’ll no doubt produce a dynamic marketing campaign that may open up your venue to a whole range of potential patrons. Clubs So often venues have a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with local clubs. Why not have a couple of staff members work on welcoming a new local club to your venue? Better still, encourage them to create a club of their own and welcome some new engaged patrons to your venue. The beauty of giving ownership to your staff is that you get the benefit of motivating and engaging your most important resources. On top of this, you get a whole range of fresh, creative ideas which can make a he difference to your venue. Good luck.

Seeking value for your venue and your patrons

July 13, 2018
Over the last month or two my colleagues have penned some great articles on what it is that helps venues become the social hub of their community. We’re in a fortunate position with our Australia wide network to really have a finger on the pulse of a huge cross section of pubs and clubs. I have really enjoyed seeing the different insights that the team have come up with. Some great suggestions on boosting atmosphere, driving visitation and spend and getting the most out of your sports broadcast. There are unlimited options for venues looking to take things to the next level. There is, however, in my opinion, one key component in selecting suitable entertainment offerings, broadcast providers or even new furniture or renovations. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIVE SPORT? The thing I notice time and again is that the best venues are skilled at identifying value. They spend time weighing up their options and make a selection on what is best for their venue and their patrons. I believe that there are three key components in getting the best value when investing in your venue. Vision There are a huge range of costs in running an Australian pub or club. From licenses to staffing, advertising to entertainment, it never ends. Rather than just paying bills and moving aimlessly on to the next expense, the best venues have a vision of what they want and what their investment will do to benefit their bottom line and the experience of their patrons. Research Once the vision is established the next thing a good venue will do is research. Let’s use entertainment as an example. A venue decides to add something fun to liven up a quiet night. It might be live music, poker, trivia or even bingo. The good venues will step back and think about what’s best for their existing clientele and what may bring in new patrons and make decisions based on their findings. THEMED TRIVIA TAKING VENUES BY STORM! Value vs Price This is the key component. There’s always someone offering lower prices. People who are willing to come in and undercut quality suppliers for a quick buck. But do they have pride in what they do? Can they efficiently market themselves to a major network? Are their staff trained professionally? Looking for value over price will always result in the best ROI and time and again the best venues are the ones with a keen eye for value. For more info on getting value for your entertainment spend please feel free to get in touch.

Getting the most out of your live sport?

July 6, 2018
Live sport has been a staple of Australian pubs, clubs and sports bars for years. Nothing’s better than settling in for a few drinks, catching up with friends and checking out a live broadcast. Footy, cricket, soccer, racing. We enjoy it all and we’ll get involved and have an opinion even if we don’t know the first thing about it. Live sport, just like cold beer, is integral to the success of your venue and no doubt over the years you have filled the bar and had a roaring bistro trade during the big game, race or fight. With year round events and ever improving commentary and insights it’s something that will continue to grow. But how do you get the most out of your sports broadcast? And how do you stand out amongst the thousands of other venues promoting similar live offerings? We’ve worked with venues around the country for nearly twenty years helping to promote sports and sports related entertainment. Even the best venues need to breathe some life into their sports offerings and we often tailor programs to achieve that. SPORTSPICK GAMEZOME: YOUR END TO END SPORTS BAR MARKETING TOOL A few of the most important things to consider are: Scheduling Make sure your patrons know what sports you will be broadcasting and when. Our Game On Live Sports Scheduling product has been incredibly valuable for venues promoting their live sports. People love to plan ahead, especially with major international events. We’ve seen an incredible amount of patrons seeking venues to watch World Cup matches, so much so that Game On is now the top of all Google Searches for “pubs showing world cup.” Do everything you can to keep potential patrons in the loop on what you are broadcasting. Atmosphere Consider the extras that you can include to take your live broadcast to the next level. Things like drink specials until the first goal is scored or cheap meals for people wearing their teams colours. Just because your patrons aren’t at the game doesn’t mean they don’t want the live game atmosphere. Do what you can to boost the atmosphere and you will see more sports fans in your venue more often!  CHECK OUT DARREN’S ARTICLE ON THE IMPORTANCE OF VENUE ATMOSPHERE Food and bev Don’t forget the main reason you invest in your live sports broadcast, which is to drive visitation and spend in your venue. Make the most of this opportunity by offering meal and drink specials to patrons enjoying the match. With most of the best live sports events running on weekends and public holidays you can expect most fans to stick around for drinks and a meal so make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity to capitalise on this opportunity. If you’re looking to take your live sports offering to the next level check out Sportspick Game Zone, Game On Live Sports Scheduling or get in touch with us and we will come out for a visit.

The JackStar APL All Star Vegas Team take on the World Series of Poker!

July 5, 2018
Congratulations to our wonderful team who had a fantastic time in Vegas, mixing it with the best of the best. It was an incredible time had by all and we were thrilled to get to know such a great group of people. Well done also to Jackie and Josh who took home cash! Find out more about Full House Group Poker.