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Full House Group’s entertainment solutions are designed to drive a number of key areas in your business.

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Our entertainment options are designed to bring more patrons into your venue, more often.

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While enjoying a Full House Group event your patrons will make the most of your food and beverage offerings.

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Give your patrons more reasons to visit and more opportunities to win cash and prizes when they do.

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Take advantage of our huge network of players. We will work with you to drive more players to your event.


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Take the hassle out of your footy tipping in 2018 with Sportspick

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  • 1999

    Sportspick was launched as the nation’s first web based tipping comp via The Age

  • 2000

    With the backing of CUB Sportspick entered Victorian pubs and clubs and was hosted on a small EFTPOS style terminal

  • 2001

    Sportspick expanded into the South Australian (AFL) and New South Wales (NRL) markets

  • 2005

    Sportspick worked with TabCorp to develop the R&R loyalty program, with Sportpsick being a major component of the programs content

  • 2006

    Launch the National Poker League brand in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania

  • 2007

    Business incorporating Sportspick and National Poker League becomes known as Full House Group

  • 2008

    Sportspick now hosted nationwide, after move into Western Australia and Northern Territory

  • 2009

    National Poker League rebrands to the 888 Poker League, Sportspick introduces Punters Challenge

  • 2011

    Full House Group takes over Australian Poker League, Australia’s biggest venue poker supplier

  • 2012

    Introduction of InnQUIZitive Trivia into over 100 venues on the East Coast. Launch first national poker final, The Main Event

  • 2013

    APL and 888PL send over 50 representatives to compete at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

  • 2014

    Launch of QuizzaMe, the only fully hosted game show style trivia event for Australian venues

  • 2015

    Full House group becomes a major venue consultant during the launch of pre-commitment in Victorian gaming venues

  • 2016

    Launch of CoachKings, the world’s first Daily Fantasy Sports solution for pubs and clubs

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    We will work with you to tailor an entertainment package designed to boost visitation and spend

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    We will promote your event to our network and your patrons through a range of marketing channels

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    Our Business Development Managers will analyse and endeavour to maintain the growth of your events

Garry Nicholson – Chairman

A founding member and former CEO of the Full House Group Garry has overseen the expansion of the business into the poker and trivia markets. Garry is now responsible for sourcing new venue solutions, making sure our business partners have access to the most current entertainment options.

Brayden Haynes – CEO

Brayden joined the Full House Group in 2006 after a number of years in the Sports Marketing industry and was the driving force behind Full House Group’s move into the poker market. After taking over the role of CEO in 2013 Brayden has overseen Full House Group’s expansion into every Australian state and territory.

Peter Shaw - Executive Director

Peter was a founding member of the business, which started in 1999 as Sportspick. In the years since Peter has worked to oversee the implementation of a number of new initiatives at Full House Group. He now manages the Sales Team in their endeavours to provide the best entertainment packages to venues Australia wide.

Our Team

Full House Group is made up of an enthusiastic team with hundreds of years combined experience in the hospitality event and marketing industry.

Our team includes over 30 full times employees across our Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland offices. We also boast an expansive network of Licensees, Business Development Managers and Tournament Directors and Hosts across the country.

Our team is by far the most experienced provider of venue entertainment and loyalty solutions in Australia and every member is keen to work with you in providing exciting events and promotions in your venue.


We are proud to work with some of Australia’s biggest and most iconic venues groups. Our partners have been great supporters of our entertainment solutions and with them we have driven visitation and built relationships with patrons across Australia.

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The Full House Project

What are your plans for summer?

November 2, 2018
The weather’s warming up. The footy Grand Finals are now just great memories. And in a few days the Melbourne Cup will be run and won. It’s almost summer, and that means it’s going to get busy for all of us in the hospitality business. Very busy. You’re no doubt putting plenty of planning into your promotions. You’re probably setting up events for New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day. There will be the influx of work break up parties and groups of friends and families popping in for Christmas. It’s going to get busy and it’s a perfect time for your venue to capitalize. You’ll be welcoming new and old patrons, boosting atmosphere and driving bar and bistro spend. This time of year makes it almost too easy for good quality venues to make the most of the Australian traditions of getting together for a drink over summer. However, there may be other considerations to make if you want to really take things to the next level. As mentioned, Christmas and New Year’s parties and people finishing work and catching up will make for a bustling bar and bistro, but don’t limit your thinking just to festivities. Live Sport After the footy and racing winds down I notice a lot of venues seem to put sport on the backburner. Making an effort to broadcast and promote Aussie summer and US winter sports will have a huge impact at your venue. You could even try out our BBL Sports Stakes product to drive spend at your Sports Bar during the Big Bash games. Weekly Entertainment Coming out of the cooler months we notice a fairly distinct spike in both poker and trivia player numbers. Make sure you’re on top of promotion of your weekly events. People have more time off work and are looking for things to do. This is a great chance to welcome new and regular players to your venue. Families It’s not all about boozy work break ups and rocking New Year’s parties. The upcoming school holiday period is the perfect time to welcome families to your venue and enjoy the boosted atmosphere that they create. Check out more on catering to families here. Before we know it the Christmas period will be upon us. Start your planning now and make the most of what should be a great summer!

Get your venue the win this Spring Carnival

October 19, 2018
We’re now well and truly into one of the highlights on the Australian sporting calendar. The Spring Carnival heats up tomorrow with the Caulfield Cup and next week we may see the mighty mare Winx win an astounding fourth Cox Plate. It’s an exciting time for racing fans but also for the general population who enjoy all the history and glamour of the big race days. For venues it’s a perfect time to welcome new patrons into your pub and club and show off all the hospitality you have to offer.  SPORTSPICK GAMEZONE FOR ALL YOUR RACE TIPPING No doubt you will see an influx in Sports Bar and TAB patronage, but there are a whole range of opportunities to capitalise on during this period. With a bit of planning and some effective marketing you can turn the Spring Carnival into a fruitful period for your venue and a perfect launchpad into the busy summer period. THE VALUE OF A LIVELY VENUE Some things to consider in effectively capitalising on the Spring Carnival period: Food and Drink packages Offer a drinks and dining package to patrons to enjoy during the race days. This is a great way to give your patrons the opportunity to get into the spirit of the races without having to head to the track. Consider including champagne and seafood to really add to the atmosphere. You could even include a betting coupon in the package so patrons can enjoy a flutter. Ladies Day Oaks Day has traditionally been Ladies Day. What a great opportunity to promote a special day for the ladies at your venue. On top of the obvious things like champagne lunches you could consider a fashion show and some sweeps for the races with great venue prizes to be won. Cup Day Victorian venues will be enjoying the added patronage with Melbourne Cup day being a public holiday. Venues around the country, however, should take advantage of “The Race that Stops the Nation.” Plenty of people will be popping in to place a bet and watch the race. Consider lunch specials and even drink offers for those keen to stick around. Good luck for the rest of the Carnival and I hope you back a winner.

Make your venue king of the kids!

October 5, 2018
With the AFL Grand Final and school holidays on I figured it was time to take a week off and enjoy some time with the family. We went down the coast last week for a few nights and the wife and I decided it was time to hit a few local pubs and RSL’s to save ourselves the hassle of cooking for a couple of overly  wound up children. With my feet in both the family camp and the hospitality industry camp I felt I had something of a unique perspective when heading to a pub or club for a family dinner. Over the last ten to fifteen years we have seen a shift as the industry makes a bigger attempt to connect with families. THE BENEFITS OF A COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY Management at these types of venues are endeavouring to stay in touch with the changing needs of those transitioning into family life. For other venues, catering to families can be something of an afterthought with some even making a conscious decision not to pursue this section of the market. It was interesting how quickly I viewed venues differently with the kids in tow. Usually, I’m looking at things like promotions, staff presentation and entertainment offerings. Last week I was on the lookout for colouring books, chicken nuggets and playgrounds! I noticed the venues that were catering to families were enjoying incredible business catering to everyone from the kids to grandparents. I saw tonnes of examples of kids happily playing and making new friends while mum and dad, grandma and grandpa enjoyed a couple of drinks, a nice meal and a brief moment of peace! PROMOTION AS AN INVESTMENT The atmosphere of the whole venue was boosted and bar and bistro sales were booming because these venues had put some thought into how they would cater to families. Below are some good ideas that venues are putting into practice in order to capitalise on the huge family market. Kids dining specials By offering a suitable kid’s meal at a reasonable rate or even for free venues draw families in and create wonderful atmosphere at their venue. Often groups of families and friends come along and enjoy a meal and a few drinks while the kids have a quick meal before settling in at the play area and making new friends. Kids club More and more venues are setting up their own kids clubs. Parents can be kept in the loop on what’s being offered to the kids, holiday programs and even birthday offers. This is a great way for venues to keep in touch with families year round and continue welcoming them back. Holiday events There are tonnes of different events you can offer to families during school holidays. Depending on the season I have seen venues offering face painting, cricket clinics, jumping casltes and even a petting zoo! The old days of a pub or club purely catering to adults are over. Keep this in mind with the summer

Kick goals with the Grand Finals!

September 20, 2018
We’re now just over a week away from the biggest weekend on the Australian sporting calendar. On Saturday the 29th of September all eyes will be on the hallowed turf of the mighty MCG for the AFL Grand Final. The following day we turn our attention to ANZ Stadium. There’s history to be made in the NRL! Being part of the hospitality industry gives you a unique opportunity to be in the thick of the action. Punters will be pouring through your doors over the next couple of weekends. PROMOTION AS AN INVESTMENT On top of the games there will be live medal counts, highlights and analysis. Plus you will have every patron worth their salt chiming in with their own theories and observations. Basically, over the next ten days, everyone is going footy crazy! This period is an incredible opportunity for your venue. You can broadcast two of the biggest sporting events in the country on consecutive days and reap the benefits of the influx of patrons. Boost sports bar, bistro, TAB and gaming taking. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. DO MORE FOR YOUR LIVE SPORTS WITH SPORTSPICK GAMEZONE In fact, the best venues I have seen take this opportunity to an all new level. They leave no stone unturned in getting the most out of this footy bonanza. Here are just a few ways they capitalise: Cross Promotion Good venues see the Grand Final as more than just a busy day in the Sports Bar. They use it as a chance to promote their poker tournaments and tribute shows. They encourage new patrons to enjoy a meal discount in the bistro. They offer entertainment and games for the kids. Return Patronage With the draw of the footy you will have footy fans in your venue who may never have set foot in the place before. Give away meal and drink specials to encourage sports fans to return to the venue at a later date. Promote and sell tickets to your upcoming venues. You never know who may end up being a regular patron. Pre and Post Match Events It doesn’t have to only be about the footy. With the boosted atmosphere and extra patrons you could consider putting on a DJ post-match. Or have a local band play. You could even consider a Grand Final Breakfast to encourage people to get in early and soak up the atmosphere. Good luck over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be a heap of fun. Just be sure to make the most of this once a year opportunity!

Promotion as an investment

September 7, 2018
“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” What an insightful comment! No doubt the fact that it comes from the world’s most renowned investor, Warren Buffet, adds to the credibility of the statement. I’ve personally noticed that there is a tendency for businesses to focus too much on the price of a product or service rather than adequately assessing the value. It is crucially important for venue managers, in fact everyone in hospitality, to understand value. If promotions and events (as well as all products and services you pay for) are seen purely in terms of cost then the potential for increased patronage and spend is minimised. I’ll use an example of a venue we have dealt with on and off for the past fifteen years or so. The manager of this venue sees promotion purely as a cost, rather than an investment. The whole thing, in his eyes, begins and ends with the invoice we provide him for our weekly trivia event. Eighteen months ago, after hosting our trivia event at his venue for a number of years, this particular venue manager decided he wanted out. He looked at his budget and was convinced he couldn’t justify the weekly cost of the event. Fair enough, these things happen. We shook hands and went our separate ways. The loyal trivia players were disappointed with this venues decision. The weekly event had become their regular night out with friends where they could get together for a meal and a few drinks to enjoy the quiz and a few laughs. We ended up teaming with another venue nearby and a few of the players were happy to make this their new local. Fast forward a few months and the original venue manager called us. There was a big bar and bistro deficit showing up for his Wednesday night trading, the same night he had been hosting trivia. Plus, he had noticed what had been a lively, atmosphere filled night was now a dull affair without the vitality and excitement that his forty regular trivia players had added to the venue each week. I’m not trying to boast. This could have been any type of promotional event, delivered by any provider. The point is this guy saw only the cost and not the value that his weekly event provided in bar and bistro sales and boosted atmosphere. Understanding the value of promotions and your other investments in products and services is crucial in running a successful venue.