An interview with Vikki Mount

By Brayden Haynes. CEO - Full House Group 2 years ago
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We were thrilled to catch up with someone pretty special recently.

Vikki Mount established a group called the “Happy Positive People” in 2012. Since then Vikki’s group has grown rapidly, recently ticking over the 1000 member mark. An awesome achievement!

Vikki’s group arrange regular catch ups, often centred around an organised event or activity, and we’re pretty thrilled that QuizzaMe is one of the Happy Positive People’s favourite weekly events.

Hope you enjoy our interview!

Make sure you head on over to the QuizzaMe page to learn more about how it’s bringing that game show fun out of the lounge room and into Aussie pubs, clubs and RSLs. Otherwise feel free to drop us a line using the form below.


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