The little things that make the big difference to your weekly poker tournament

Offering that little bit extra can take your poker tournament to the next level
By Michael Ratnik. National Operations Manager Full House Group Poker 4 years ago
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Poker is a proven way to increase visitation and spend at your venue.

Poker is ‘everyone’s game,’ welcoming guys and girls, young and old, from all walks of life. No matter who you are, it’s an even slate with all players starting with the same chips and two cards.  What better way to foster a more diverse crowd within your venue?

For years Australian pubs and clubs have leveraged the popularity of this highly accessible and inclusive game to add atmosphere to what may have historically been a quite night.

It is imperative you go with a good provider who offers great Tournament Directors and a fantastic event structure to compliment your venue to ensure you see poker players surging into your venue.

There is no doubt that a good poker provider will bring new patrons into your venue week after week, which is always exciting to see.


This is only half the battle, though.

The offerings and hospitality you provide to your patrons during your poker event are even more important than event structure or big prize pools!

We’ve been working on adding poker to our 22 Tips Series. I couldn’t wait to get something out while the graphic designer puts the finishing touches on it.

If you’re keen to give your poker event that special touch this week then the below tips should be great place to start.

Give a few of them a crack this week and take another step towards your venue becoming the social hub of your community.


Offering a meal deal before or during your poker event is a great way to boost bistro sales during the event. Plenty of players will arrive early for a value meal and a couple of drinks if you offer an early bird special or a meal deal during the registration period. Make sure to promote this meal deal in advance, especially on social media.


While poker is an exciting event guaranteed to bring patrons together in a spirited contest there is still plenty you can do to keep the atmosphere buzzing. Make sure popular live sports are being broadcast, provide a microphone so your TD can keep everyone up to date with the progress of the event or even consider playing some classic tunes to keep the energy up!



Table service is a guaranteed way to increase spend in your venue during your poker event. Often players are so caught up in the action they don’t get a chance to get to the bar for a drink. Have a member of your bar staff roving around collecting orders and delivering drinks and you will see your bar takings increase dramatically.  This also gives your bar staff a greater opportunity to create better relationships with the players and increases the probability of a return visit.


It goes without saying but this is crucial. Keep your poker event close to your bar and pokies areas and they will boom during the registration period, breaks and post event when players are looking for something extra to do.


Promote your event with banners and posters. Place them around the venue and utilise digital copies on your social media and TV screens. APL has a full time design team who can produce custom artwork for your poker event.  Catch your bistro and sports bar patrons on other nights to get them to return to your venue for that additional night of 3-5 hours of spend.


Utilise your customised poker artwork to promote your event on your social media pages. If possible share pictures of your event and nightly winners across your pages to further promote the excitement and atmosphere of your weekly poker tournament.

Good luck with your weekly poker tournament and for more info feel free to get in touch at

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 Michael Ratnik. National Operations Manager Full House Group Poker

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Originally a keen and highly regarded amateur poker player Michael has gone ‘All-In’ and used both his poker skills and his MBA to tailor poker event solutions for the pub and club industry. His insights and passion for the game has seen him thrive as National Poker Operations Manager at Full House Group, Australia's leading supplier of pub and club poker events.