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How to use cross promotion to get more from your entertainment spend
By QuizzaMe Product Manager 4 years ago
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No doubt, like most Australian venues you have put plenty of time and energy into planning, promoting and running your venues entertainment offerings. But have you thought about how you can better cross promote?

Things like trivia, poker, sports tipping and live music are perfect ways to bring new faces through the door and keep your existing patrons returning on a regular basis.

There is nothing better than seeing plenty of happy punters arriving at your venue to enjoy your events, knowing your hard work has paid off.

On top of that, you help build an incredible atmosphere at your venue while boosting bar and bistro takings on what may have traditionally been a quiet night.

But, I’m starting to realise there’s more that can be done.

Are the patrons at your regular event visiting other parts of your pub or club? Are you seeing players return to your venue on other nights? Have your live music fans become members?


In my role with QuizzaMe Australia I have been able to see the incredible things that a well-planned and effectively promoted trivia event can do for a venue. There’s nothing like seeing fifty plus people in your venue, enjoying a meal and a few drinks while taking part in your weekly event. The same goes for poker, live music and any other entertainment offering you may deliver.

Most venues see value in this opportunity but the best venues take it to the next level. They don’t view their entertainment offering as something that happens in the front bar for a few hours on a Tuesday night, they see it as an opportunity to cross promote all aspects of their venue, have people visit more regularly and venture into other parts of the venue.

Here are a few examples of initiatives you can use to effectively cross promote your venue during your event.

Try these out and you will see a whole of venue return on investment, seven days a week.

Venue Vouchers

Vouchers are perfect giveaways at trivia and poker events, to cross promote your other events. So this is a good chance to get a patron along to your bingo night, or to your members draw.


If you have a membership program then use your weekly events as an opportunity to sign new members. I have seen plenty of venues who offer their trivia players a free drink to sign up for their membership program. A drink is a small price to welcome someone who may become a lifelong member of your venue and can increase their attendance.


Hosts as promoters

Most entertainment offerings will have a host or staff member in charge of delivering the event and liaising with patrons. There is an incredible amount of engagement between a trivia host or poker director during the event so take advantage of this. Tell the host to promote your Friday night Happy Hour, upcoming live sports broadcast or even the nightly meal specials. You never know which patrons may be keen to return with a bunch of friends in tow!

There are lots of ways to cross promote your venue using your weekly entertainment offering as a launch pad into all aspects of your venue. Give some thought to what you can do at your venue and don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you’re looking to shake up your entertainment offering why not give QuizzaMe Game Show Trivia a go. Pop your details in the below form and we will be in touch soon.

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