The value of a lively venue

How boosting the atmosphere can have incredible flow on effects for the success of your venue.
By Darren Shaw State Manager - Full House Group SA/NT 2 years ago
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Travelling around South Australia and visiting a huge range of pubs and clubs I often think about what the key to a successful venue is.

Often small, humble looking venues are thriving while some venues that you would expect to be successful are just making ends meet. I am always trying to work out why this is the case.

When visiting venues I like to research their current entertainment offerings, look at their busy periods AND their quiet times, and develop a strategy to build on both.

When a venue is trading well, what can be offered to extend patrons dwell time, and drive them back with regularity?

And, when a venue is quiet, what can we do to excite people and bring them in?


The answer to both questions is best summed up as such:

Creating atmosphere helps to create atmosphere!

Sounds a little strange but the reality is that this statement is one of the key driving philosophies of our most successful venues.

If you work on developing the atmosphere in your venue you will see an incredible snowballeffect. More atmosphere means more patrons, more patrons means more atmosphere. And on and on it goes.

One of the best examples of the strength of this statement would be Para Hills Community Club.

I have worked closely with this great venue for a number of years as they have enthusiastically strived to develop a lively atmosphere in their venue.


The sports bar gets busy during their two day time poker events. It feels lively, and the flow on effect through bistro and gaming becomes very profitable for the club.

Thursday nights we run a night game of poker attracting 60+ people which is set up in their function area, filling the space, building atmosphere, and again with positive flow on through the bistro, bars and gaming.

On the same night we also have a long standing QuizzaMe Game Show happening at the opposite end of the venue in the public bar. This event attracts another 50+ people who gather weekly for their quiz fix. Many of these trivia buffs have now been attending this night for over 3 years!

And to round out our partnership, in the Sports Bar we have SportsPick GameZone – which in its own right helps build atmosphere throughout the week with patrons engaged in sports tipping competitions.

Saturdays are huge at Para Hills Community Club with our Punters Challenge Race day comp, as well as the jackpot game Triple Crown – not to mention the 80+ patrons who are active in AFL footy tipping.

By simply giving patrons a reason to visit and offering them an entertaining product and past time, it builds atmosphere within the venue – and it’s THAT atmosphere that helps to create new interest, new regular customers, and in turn increases the atmosphere of the venue – and a profitable result!

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 Darren Shaw State Manager - Full House Group SA/NT

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As South Australia & Northern Territory Manager Darren has covered a lot of kilometres, working tirelessly with venues to help them become the social hub of their community. In early 2018 Darren spearheaded the launch of the Sportspick Game Zone, a marketing revelation for Aussie Sports Bars.