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By Alex Antoniades. Game On Product Manager 4 years ago
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Live sport has been a staple of Australian pubs, clubs and sports bars for years.

Nothing’s better than settling in for a few drinks, catching up with friends and checking out a live broadcast. Footy, cricket, soccer, racing. We enjoy it all and we’ll get involved and have an opinion even if we don’t know the first thing about it.

Live sport, just like cold beer, is integral to the success of your venue and no doubt over the years you have filled the bar and had a roaring bistro trade during the big game, race or fight. With year round events and ever improving commentary and insights it’s something that will continue to grow.

But how do you get the most out of your sports broadcast? And how do you stand out amongst the thousands of other venues promoting similar live offerings?

We’ve worked with venues around the country for nearly twenty years helping to promote sports and sports related entertainment. Even the best venues need to breathe some life into their sports offerings and we often tailor programs to achieve that.


A few of the most important things to consider are:


Make sure your patrons know what sports you will be broadcasting and when. Our Game On Live Sports Scheduling product has been incredibly valuable for venues promoting their live sports. People love to plan ahead, especially with major international events.

Take the World Cup, for example. Earlier this year we saw an incredible amount of patrons seeking venues to watch World Cup matches, so much so that Game On is now the top of all Google Searches for “pubs showing world cup.” Do everything you can to keep potential patrons in the loop on what you are broadcasting.


Consider the extras that you can include to take your live broadcast to the next level. Things like drink specials until the first goal is scored or cheap meals for people wearing their teams colours.

Just because your patrons aren’t at the game doesn’t mean they don’t want the live game atmosphere. Do what you can to boost the atmosphere and you will see more sports fans in your venue more often!


Food and bev

Don’t forget the main reason you invest in your live sports broadcast, which is to drive visitation and spend in your venue. Make the most of this opportunity by offering meal and drink specials to patrons enjoying the match.

With most of the best live sports events running on weekends and public holidays you can expect most fans to stick around for drinks and a meal so make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity to capitalise on this opportunity.

If you’re looking to take your live sports offering to the next level check out Sportspick Game Zone, Game On Live Sports Scheduling or get in touch with us and we will come out for a visit.

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 Alex Antoniades. Game On Product Manager

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Alex created Game On Live Sports scheduling when he was unable to answer a simple question: Where can I watch live sport nearby? The Game On solution is bringing venues and patrons together all across the nation and making the promotion of live sports an efficient and pain free process.