Kick goals with the Grand Finals!

By Brayden Haynes. CEO - Full House Group 3 years ago
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We’re now just over a week away from the biggest weekend on the Australian sporting calendar.

On Saturday the 29th of September all eyes will be on the hallowed turf of the mighty MCG for the AFL Grand Final. The following day we turn our attention to ANZ Stadium. There’s history to be made in the NRL!

Being part of the hospitality industry gives you a unique opportunity to be in the thick of the action. Punters will be pouring through your doors over the next couple of weekends.


On top of the games there will be live medal counts, highlights and analysis. Plus you will have every patron worth their salt chiming in with their own theories and observations. Basically, over the next ten days, everyone is going footy crazy!

This period is an incredible opportunity for your venue. You can broadcast two of the biggest sporting events in the country on consecutive days and reap the benefits of the influx of patrons. Boost sports bar, bistro, TAB and gaming taking. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


In fact, the best venues I have seen take this opportunity to an all new level. They leave no stone unturned in getting the most out of this footy bonanza. Here are just a few ways they capitalise:

Cross Promotion

Good venues see the Grand Final as more than just a busy day in the Sports Bar. They use it as a chance to promote their poker tournaments and tribute shows. They encourage new patrons to enjoy a meal discount in the bistro. They offer entertainment and games for the kids.

Return Patronage

With the draw of the footy you will have footy fans in your venue who may never have set foot in the place before. Give away meal and drink specials to encourage sports fans to return to the venue at a later date. Promote and sell tickets to your upcoming venues. You never know who may end up being a regular patron.

Pre and Post Match Events

It doesn’t have to only be about the footy. With the boosted atmosphere and extra patrons you could consider putting on a DJ post-match. Or have a local band play. You could even consider a Grand Final Breakfast to encourage people to get in early and soak up the atmosphere.

Good luck over the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be a heap of fun. Just be sure to make the most of this once a year opportunity!

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