The little things making a big difference

By Michael Wickens. Victorian Venue Relationship Manager 3 years ago
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As a Full House Group Venue Relationship Manager I spend most of my time working with venues to engage new and existing patrons with effective entertainment solutions. This includes poker and trivia events as well as sports tipping and promotion.

These events and promotions have an immediate effect on visitation and spend within venues. They are effective in drawing new patrons to venues as well as reinvigorating the enthusiasm of existing patrons.

Venues will see similar results caused by other investments such as renovations or the upgrade of dining offers or sports broadcasts. Big changes and promotions have a big impact. But, as I am beginning to notice, little changes can also have a big impact.

As the year closes out you are probably not thinking much about making any major changes prior to Christmas. But there are hundreds of things you can do without investing time or more. These things can have a huge impact and set you up for a big 2019.


A few of the little things I have noticed having a big impact are:

Patron greetings

Some of the best venues I work with do this really well. Their patrons are friends first and foremost and customers second. Good staff learn names and find out about peoples jobs, sports teams and families. They endeavour to get to know new faces. It pays off huge dividends when patrons feel like they are welcomed as part of the group rather than just a customer.

Table service during poker and trivia

This is another zero cost initiative that some venues are putting to use. Poker and trivia players are generally caught up in play. Coming out during play to take drinks order means your bar will tick over and patrons will be thrilled with the effort.

Cross promotion

Venues are very diverse these days. With band rooms, bistros, sports bars and lounges it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Lots of patrons get comfortable in their favourite area of your venue and are left unaware of what else is happening. Keep patrons in the loop by cross promoting events, meal offers and specials throughout your venue.

Engaged staff

This is the easiest and most effective way to boost the atmosphere at your venue. Give thought about what you can do to further engage your staff and keep them motivated and upbeat. The difference between engaged and disengaged staff is night and day and it has a huge impact on the experience of your patrons.

Good luck in putting some of these ideas into practise. I’m sure you will come up with plenty of your own. I hope they are effective in making a positive impact at your venue.

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 Michael Wickens. Victorian Venue Relationship Manager

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