Case Study: Punters Challenge at Grafton District Services Club

By Brayden Haynes. CEO - Full House Group 10 months ago
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In the heart of the Northern Rivers, Grafton District Services Club is a community hub with a strong focus on entertainment, dining and sports.

With a view to increasing the bustling atmosphere of their Sports Bar, the team recently upgraded to the Sportspick GameZone. Like many venues the Services Club enjoyed the convenience of Sportspick’s automated AFL and NRL tipping comps.

“We got it to do footy tipping,” said Sports Bar Manager, Michael Sear, “we were originally doing our tipping through software on a PC with manual entries. We got Sportspick to make it a bit easier on the staff.”

After the success of their tipping comps the team decided to offer a weekly Sportspick Punters Challenge comp to their Saturday TAB crowd.

“Six months after getting Sportspick we decided to try Punters Challenge. We gave $100 on top of the entries to get the dollars up there to start with.”

Punters Challenge is a fully automated Saturday afternoon Punters Club style racing comp. Patrons buy a code from the bar to enter and their entry fee goes towards funding a prize pool. All selections are made through the Sportspick GameZone. Results are displayed live throughout the day on the HD scoreboard.

The product is designed to increase visitation and spend as well as bring a lively atmosphere to Sports Bars around the country.

Upon launching the comp the Grafton District Services Club were inundated with keen punters willing to have a go at the great weekly prize pool.

“Our best weekend we had 140 entries. We’ve redistributed about $122,000 in cash prizes from the $5 entry and the $100 we added to the top of it.” said Michael.

“You get a good cross section of the serious punters and then those who just want to have a social thing on the side. It’s a good prize pool, for $5 you could jag $600.”

Punters Challenge gives both keen regulars and new patrons the opportunity to enjoy promotions within the venue. “Before Melbourne Cup we had a heap of young guys come in and have a crack at it,” said Michael.

Punters Challenge is also effective in increasing visitation and spend: “Often our regulars will come in twice. Once to pick up the ticket (which outlines the selected races) and once to come in and make their selections. People are coming in to grab their tickets and once they’re here they generally end up having a beer.”


The Grafton Services Club recently upgraded to the Sportspick GameZone which includes a touch screen terminal and a HD screen which displays scoreboards, venue promotions and sports schedules.

“With the screen, we can advertise it more and patrons can see it. It’s in a prominent position so patrons can’t miss it. Every time they go to the KENO section or TAB terminal they can see it there. Hopefully having that presence will lead into the promotion of footy tipping and that kind of thing.”

As well as the presence within the venue Michael is also buoyed by the convenience Sportspick GameZone offers in managing tipping comps and venue promotion: “It’s more like a set and forget thing now. It’s there, it works. It’s very minimal work for us.”

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