CoachKings Daily Fantasy Footy

✓ World’s only Daily Fantasy Sports solution for pubs & clubs
✓ Boost patron engagement with your live sports broadcast
✓ Designed for the coveted 18-35 male demographic Enquire Now
Male (18 – 35)
Drive Sports Bar and TAB trade
Drive Gaming Revenue

The Fantasy Footy Revolution

CoachKings has taken fantasy sport and turned it on its head! Engaging venue patrons during live sports broadcast, CoachKings has been a huge success during its inaugural season in 2016.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), where players create a “fantasy team” to compete against others, has taken the U.S. by storm. Australia, with 1.6 million fantasy sports players, is about to boom.

CoachKings is the only in venue DFS solution on the market.

Users visit the CoachKings website via their smartphone and enter a team by selecting from players in that particular AFL or NRL match. They then compete nationally and locally against other users with points based on their team’s statistics. A user can only enter if they are onsite in your venue and all entries are made through the user’s smartphone.

The product is designed for the 18 to 35 year old demographic. They are enthusiastic sports fans who will participate in the nightly event, enjoy a meal and a few drinks and take advantage of your live sports broadcast.

Keep your sports fans engaged!

We have designed CoachKings to keep users engaged throughout the duration of a game, meaning they will stay in venue for longer. At half time users can “rev up” (select a player for double points in the second half) and “rotate” (drop a poorly performing player and replace them with a better option). Users must be in venue to take advantage of these options, which will prove crucial to their team’s performance.

Each venue will host a Venue Final which can draw over 80 qualifiers onsite to compete for entry into the CoachKings Cup, to be hosted on Preliminary Final weekend. This prestigious event brings together the best of the best to compete for $50,000 in prizes and the coveted CoachKings Cup.

Congratulations to our 2016 CoachKings Cup Winners Emma Wallace (AFL) and Josh Penney (NRL) who both walked away with $20,000 cash!


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