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Gaming & Bar and Bistro trade

Australia’s premium poker provider

Full House Group is home to Australia’s premier venue based poker league, the Australian Poker League. We host the biggest tournaments, offering massive prize pools to hundreds of thousands of keen players across the country. Our team will work with you, leveraging our huge network to increase visitation and spend in your venue before, during and after your poker event.

Tailored poker events for your venue

Our strength is in the relationships we have developed with our venue partners and our players. By tailoring nightly poker events and providing return on investment with our unique “Poker Passports” we offer the best experience for you and your players.

Australian Poker League hosts a huge range of free roll and buy in nightly events. We work with venues to find the most suitable time to host an event, giving your venue the opportunity to drive bar, bistro and gaming takings.

More reasons for players to attend your events

Our Special Events mean your players will have a range of fantastic goals to strive towards. We work with your venue to help your players achieve their “Poker Dream.”

From monthly and quarterly regional and special events all the way up to the the APLPT and APL Million, we offer a pathway for players to go from your nightly events all the way to playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars at world class events.


The best marketing to the biggest network

We will work with your venue to provide the best marketing solution for your nightly or special event. With a database of over 400,000 players we take advantage of SMS, Email and our extensive social media presence to promote your events. We also promote your event on our website and will provide physical point of sale for in venue promotion.


Get in touch and let us work with you to provide a tailored poker event for your venue.