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Maximise your live sports investment with our fully automated broadcast scheduling system. Up to date info and promotion of your live sports via your website and social media.
Fully automated
sports scheduling and promotion

Game On has been designed to maximise your live sports investment by providing an up to date schedule for all sports telecasts in your venue.

Our system collates all live sports information and tailors a schedule based around your venues broadcast priorities. This information is provided to you in soft copy and displayed on your social media as well your website.

Keep your patrons up to date
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Game On provides you with a range of tools to promote your live sports schedules through your website and social media, as well as through the Sportspick GameZone.
Save money and hassles on managing
your sports schedule

We also list your venue on the Game On website, giving you another avenue to reach out to new patrons. Visitors to our site can read a blurb on your venue and see your upcoming schedule and may visit your venue to enjoy your live broadcast and enjoy a couple of drinks and a meal.

Venues spend countless hours weekly managing and promoting their live sports broadcast. Game On takes all the work out of this process. We compile an accurate customised schedule for your venue. These schedules are checked and updated daily. We exclude any sports you aren’t interested in promoting.

Game On delivers your schedule via email in both PDF and Excel format. We upload all your scheduling information to your website via widgets.


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