Pub Trivia Events

✓ An exciting night of entertainment at your venue
✓ Increase food and beverage revenue
✓ Drive repeat mid-week visitation Enquire Now
All Ages
Drive bar & bistro trade

QuizzaMe – A live Game Show in your venue

Can you imagine a venue full of players enjoying our live game show in your pub, club or bar each week? QuizzaMe is the social trivia event for all ages and backgrounds, bringing people together for food, drink and fun.

Our events are hosted by professional Quiz Masters who are all from an entertainment background, there to entertain your guests, help drive weekly visitation and add plenty of laughs.

Wireless buzzers means NO pens or paper

The heart and soul of QuizzaMe is the special wireless buzzers. Every question is multiple choice (so the right answer is always on the screen) and with limited time to answer, no one can cheat with Google anymore! Built in audio, picture, video questions and MORE!

All QuizzaMe shows feature family friendly content, games and activities, and many ‘non-typical’ trivia players are drawn to QuizzaMe because it’s so easy to play!

QuizzaMe is the perfect way to drive mid-week bar and bistro trade and build a loyal following of good natured trivia players. We supply all point of sale materials and promote your event on our website and social media.

InnQUIZitive – Big Screen Trivia

InnQUIZitive is both a hosted or self-hosted (location dependent) big screen trivia extravaganza. We supply you with everything you need to host an exciting audio visual event in your venue. To self-host all you need to do is find an outgoing staff member/friend to host and we do the rest.

InnQUIZitive is the perfect way to drive bar and bistro trade in your venue. Our trivia events are the perfect way to welcome groups of family and friends who will enjoy a meal and a couple of drinks while taking part in the exciting trivia event.

We supply everything

We will supply you with a link to the event (which can be run via a laptop hooked up to your screens), answer booklets, Point of Sale, training and marketing.

Our events are all inclusive, a perfect way for friends and family to spend an evening at your venue. We will supply you with point of sale materials and promote your event on social media.

Our Pub Trivia Brands

A live game show event in your venue each week. Our fully trained Quiz Masters will make this a night to remember for your patrons, helping you drive food and beverage sales

A Big Screen Trivia solution for your venue. We provide everything you need to host or self-host an exciting event, welcoming groups of friends and family to your venue


Get in touch and let us work with you to provide a tailored trivia event for your venue.