Introducing QuizzaMe

✓ Bringing game show FUN out of the lounge room and into your venue
✓ Your venue's own interactive game show
✓ ANYONE can win

Bringing game show fun out of the lounge room and into your venue

Aussies have always loved a game show. Most of us can all relate to spending a lot of time gathered around the telly joining in the fun.

QuizzaMe has been designed to bring that game show fun out of the lounge room and into your venue.

It’s all about connecting your venue with the people from your community who are looking for a fun and social night out, getting them off the couch and into your venue to experience the thrill of competing in their own local game show!

It’s all about THE FUN!

Just like on TV, all questions are multiple choice and each team gets a wireless buzzer to answer with.

With multiple choice answers, a wide range of topics and bonuses for quick answers, bonus points for singing, dancing and participation –  this is a product that appeals to all types, not just your traditional trivia player.

That’s why so many different types of people are attracted to QuizzaMe. It’s designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, whether they fancy themselves as trivia buffs or not.

Your very own game show QUIZ MASTER

Your weekly QuizzaMe event is hosted by professional Quiz Masters from an entertainment background, such as actors, comedians or aspiring game show hosts who want to be the next Grant Denyer.

Your Quiz Master is carefully selected through a thorough audition process and will receive ongoing training and support so that they can deliver the best possible event at your venue.

A fun and interactive SOCIAL QUIZ

Wireless buzzers, answers in real time, a live leaderboard, your own professional game show host, singing, dancing…

All these elements come together to create a family friendly atmosphere of fun, laughter and community. This is a product that doesn’t let the trivia get in the way of a good time!

Let’s get you started

We also specialise in Corporate and Fundraising events. You can also learn about our NEW QuizzaMe themed trivia nights here

If you’re ready to bring fun, laughter and a sense of community into your venue, get in touch with us and we’ll come and get you started!