What are your plans for summer?

By Brayden Haynes. CEO - Full House Group 4 years ago
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The weather’s warming up. The footy Grand Finals are now just great memories. And in a few days the Melbourne Cup will be run and won. It’s almost summer, and that means it’s going to get busy for all of us in the hospitality business. Very busy.

You’re no doubt putting plenty of planning into your promotions. You’re probably setting up events for New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day. There will be the influx of work break up parties and groups of friends and families popping in for Christmas.

It’s going to get busy and it’s a perfect time for your venue to capitalize.

You’ll be welcoming new and old patrons, boosting atmosphere and driving bar and bistro spend. This time of year makes it almost too easy for good quality venues to make the most of the Australian traditions of getting together for a drink over summer.

However, there may be other considerations to make if you want to really take things to the next level. As mentioned, Christmas and New Year’s parties and people finishing work and catching up will make for a bustling bar and bistro, but don’t limit your thinking just to festivities.

Live Sport

After the footy and racing winds down I notice a lot of venues seem to put sport on the backburner. Making an effort to broadcast and promote Aussie summer and US winter sports will have a huge impact at your venue. You could even try out our BBL Sports Stakes product to drive spend at your Sports Bar during the Big Bash games.

Weekly Entertainment

Coming out of the cooler months we notice a fairly distinct spike in both poker and trivia player numbers. Make sure you’re on top of promotion of your weekly events. People have more time off work and are looking for things to do. This is a great chance to welcome new and regular players to your venue.


It’s not all about boozy work break ups and rocking New Year’s parties. The upcoming school holiday period is the perfect time to welcome families to your venue and enjoy the boosted atmosphere that they create. Check out more on catering to families here.

Before we know it the Christmas period will be upon us. Start your planning now and make the most of what should be a great summer!

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