Case Study: Sportspick Super Tipper at Nerang RSL & Memorial Club

By Brayden Haynes. CEO - Full House Group 1 year ago
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With the start of footy season fast approaching pubs and clubs around Australia will no doubt be considering their footy tipping competition offerings.

One of the decisions many venues will face is whether to invest in an automated tipping solution or deal with a time consuming manually run tipping comp.

Senior Sports Bar Steward at the Nerang RSL and MemoriaL Club, Sharni Mott, has found Sportpsick’s Super Tipper comp to be a  “lifesaver.” The automated comp has taken away most of the manual work that would otherwise be required to run a traditional tipping competition.

“If we weren’t using Sportspick I would have to have a whole day of work dedicated to keeping it all up to date,” said Sharni. “We’ve had Sportspick going on eight years, we used to do it all manually and Sportspick is far easier.”


Sportpsick is fully automated so venues simply need to set an entry fee and decide on how the cash is allocated to winners. New players receive a Sportspick members card and enter their details on the automoted tipping terminal.

All scores and leaderboards are fully automated, meaning there is very little required from venues and no more scoring disputes!

By promoting their Sportspick offering to new and potential patrons Sharni has noticed a positive effect on visitation. “It’s definitely bringing people in more often,” she said, referring to the venues NRL tipping comps, which in 2018 had 95 participants. These members are onsite each week to participate in Sportspick’s NRL Super Tipper comp.

Asked if most players stuck around for a few drinks after coming in to place tips Sharni replied, “they certainly do. It adds atmosphere to the venue having those people participating.”

“We advertise a lot through social media, text message and email,” said Sharni. On top of the local venue prizes players are also competing for a share of $200,000 in cash and prizes offered by Sportspick in national comps.

With the season approaching Sharni and other Sports Bar staff around Australia will be launching their tipping comps with a minimum of fuss thanks to Sportspick’s fully automated Super Tipper comps.

“I would certainly recommend it to other venues,” said Sharni. “it’s been a lifesaver for us.”

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