InnTOUCH Rewards

✓ A hassle free membership and rewards program
✓ Easy to use communication tools
✓ More reasons for your patrons to visit, more often Enquire Now
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Drive repeat visitation and build relationships

Take the hassle out of your membership and rewards program

InnTOUCH is a membership and rewards program designed to help you build better relationships with your patrons.  This is a personalised program suited to your venue. InnTOUCH is all about building a database of your customers, rewarding them for visitation and keeping them up to date on what’s happening at your venue.

As part of the InnTOUCH program you are supplied with a terminal tailored to your venues needs. Your patrons are given a membership card and can interact with the terminal in a whole range of ways. Members can self-register or the venue can create the account with our user friendly administration portal. No more application forms!

Reward your loyal patrons

Members are rewarded for visitation, birthdays and attendance at venue events, keeping your patrons coming to your venue more regularly. Members can interact with the terminal and redeem loyalty points, saving you time and money. We can also integrate with your POS supplier to offer more rewards to your patrons.

The InnTOUCH system also includes all Sportspick Tipping Comps and a great Saturday afternoon Punters Challenge competition.

Tailor your communications

It’s easy to keep in touch with members by sending regular SMS messages or emails. You can update InnTOUCH content, promotions and rewards to keep your patrons coming back for more. InnTOUCH is managed at the venues discretion, meaning you can tailor your membership program to get the best return on investment.

And most importantly the team at Full House Group are always on hand to assist your venue get the most from InnTOUCH.

A membership and rewards program tailored to your venue. Build a database and give patrons more reasons to visit, more often with this user friendly membership and rewards solution


Contact us for find out more about how innTOUCH can help reward and communicate with your patrons.